Specific Tags

Some labels have special features adapted to very specific situations and products. In the next section, we list some of the more common special tags we work with.


RFID tags contain a chip that communicates through radio-frequency waves to a reader / antenna, which in turn connects with hardware and software that integrates RFID reader, read, and write data. With these labels you can identify the product and include all the information you want on the label chip.
They look the same as conventional labels with the great advantage of having wide readout, not needing to be visible to read the chip.
Its purpose is essentially to identify, manage, control and trace, all types of products and / or processes.

Synthetic labels

The synthetic labels have the specificity of being almost indestructible resistant to all type of humidity, fats, chemicals and thermal variations.
These labels are ideal for adverse environments and situations in which they require the label to be tamper-proof.
Usually used in plants / horticulture, meat, luggage, signage, festival bracelets, concerts or discos; hospital wristbands and many other applications where a specific condition is required.
There are several types of synthetic labels and we produce the label according to the application you want.

Reusable labels

A reusable label has the specificity of containing a special removable glue so that the package can be opened and closed as often as desired. These labels are often used in the food industry to keep the contents of the packaging fresh, in cosmetics / cleaning products to keep the contents of the packaging moist and even in tissues.

Cover-up tags

These labels contain a special glue that prevents transparency and, as the name itself suggests, completely covers the information of the underlying product. You can cover / cover any information contained in the packaging with cover-up labels, whether it is outdated information, grammatical errors and / or errors in the information itself.
Because of the intent to conceal a content through this type of label, the glue it incorporates may be extra strong to prevent easy removal.