Adhesives for automotive industry

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The requirements in the electric and automotive sector are demanding and diverse. Electronic machinery, equipment and components must be labeled under extreme conditions. Our adhesives are resistant to abrasion, heat and contact with chemicals. Labels adhere firmly even when exposed to moisture and temperature variations.

The commercialization of this type of products with labels in the United States requires UL certification for adhesives in order to comply with regulations of consumer protection standards.

Labels for electrical components in the automotive sector are not only present in the vehicle engine. A large part of the replacement parts can be purchased at specialist stores and large supermarkets. The labeling of this type of product also plays an important role in attracting new customers.

With the approval of European Union Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009 and their amendments, car owners can
about their safety and environmental performance, as well as their cost.

A rough surface makes it difficult to apply labels. As a result, many manufacturers change the method of applying the manual for direct application to the machine, which improves their layout and orientation.

As label manufacturers, our experience is an advantage when proposing tailored solutions. We guarantee an ideal adhesion of the label to the rubber of the tires.



- Resistance to immersion at sea for a minimum period of 3 months
(according to BS5609 Section 2).

Usability (tires)

- Excellent readability and bar code reading.

- Extremely good initial grip.

- For more aggressive applications, including double layer materials.

- It does not leave residues that deteriorate the rubber.


- Resistant to weather and climatic variations.

- High resistance to the elements and external agents (chemicals, solvents, oils, greases).

- Proof of stains, scratches and scratches.

- Application on rough surfaces

- Adhesion in temperatures between -20ºC to + 80ºC.

- Waterproof.

- Resistance to extreme handling

Legal aspects:

- Certification British Standard 5609 Section 2

- UL Certified

- REACH & RoHs Compliance

- Regulation of the European Union (EC)

Fuel Efficiency
Grip in wet conditions

  • Labels for electrical / electronic components / car mechanics
  • Labels for equipment and machines
  • Safety labels
  • Replacement products (lamps, windscreen wipers ...)