What do you need to know when choosing a frozen label?

Depending on the labeling purpose, certain materials may be more suitable for a particular job than others. So it is so important to know the conditions and environments that their labels will be exposed, so you can choose the material that works best for your frozen food.

Did you know that different materials have different reactions to different freezing temperatures? A wrong choice can drastically affect the look and performance of a label and this translates into huge losses.


First, it's necessary to identify the purpose of the label.

Among many variables, you should take into account:


  • If the label is intended for refrigerated, pre-frozen or deep-frozen food packaging;
  • If the product is already frozen or not at the moment you apply the label;
  • If storage and distribution is done cold;
  • Which the temperature that will be exposed later;


So, what are the three aspects to take into account when choosing a frozen food label?

  • The minimum application temperature - Which refers to the lowest temperature at which you can apply the label and wait for it to stick - and the recommended service temperature - which indicates the highest and lowest temperatures that a given product can withstand.
  • Type of adhesive - This point is closely linked to the previous aspect. It is essential to know what temperature a label will be exposed to before, during and after its application, otherwise we may be left with a label that does not adhere due to temperature incompatibility.
  • Type of surface - Pressure sensitive labels adhere better to clean, smooth, dry and non-porous surfaces. If your product does not have these characteristics, you must inform us to guarantee an option with the best performance in terms of adherence.

Taking into account some of these scenarios, before any order it is important to identify all the details to avoid miscommunication and delays in delivery times.



At Etiprint, you can rely on a commercial team that advises you on the best solutions and materials for your frozen products. Contact us to know more about our services and some free materials.