Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We have Thermal Transfer Ribbons of all the colors and measures for your thermal transfer label printer, in various types such as Wax, Resin or Mixed.

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The Ribbons are used only in thermal transfer printers, which means that the heat of the printer head is applied to a ribbon that in turn transfers the material to the label. This method guarantees a longer life for the printer head by reducing the friction force thanks to its smooth surface.

At Etiprint, we provide all the necessary consumables for your printers and also all the accessories, such as: Print heads, cutters or peelers, label dispensers and other components for brands like Citizen, TSC and others, available in our online store.

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Additional Information

Resin Ribbon

It stands out for its resistance and its high quality printing on special plastic, synthetic surfaces and certain types of paper. It requires more operating temperature and is more abrasive than the Wax Ribbon, therefore reducing the life of the print head.

Mixed Ribbon (Wax+Resine)

It is made up of a combination of waxes and resins and stands out for combining the properties of both of them, offering great strength and durability in printing on both paper, plastic and synthetic materials.

Wax Ribbon

It stands out for its high sensitivity and contrast. A more economical solution, being, however, less durable than resin or mixed one when printed. Suitable for paper support, but not for synthetics. Provides excellent printing for standard barcodes on paper and cardboard.