Health and Pharmacy

Label designs for all tastes

There is no other industry in which the correct identification of products is so critical. It is not just a question of including the correct information on the labels, they should not contain errors and should be produced with extreme professional attention.

Sometimes plastic or small diameter glass containers are a challenge for labeling because in the case of plastic some compounds may negate the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Regulatory requirements and extreme conditions associated with the storage, processing and infusion of blood require strict labeling requirements.

Our adhesive is a safe solution for excellent adhesion that meets the stringent requirements of mechanical stress and wetness conditions.


Biodegradable / Compostable

- Environmentally friendly solutions, fully biodegradable and compostable, from the front of the label, to the adhesive and finally the silicone backing.

Low migration

- Suitable for labeling in blood bags.

- Adherence to extremely irregular surfaces

(take into account that not all plastic containers do not constitute a barrier against chemical contamination)


- Direct labeling on extremely irregular, damp and cold surfaces.

- Resistant to temperatures between -20ºC to + 80ºC.

- Resistant to water, alcohol, soaps, common hospital chemicals, solvents and hot air.

Small diameters

- Perfect application in diameters less than 15mm.

- Very low adhesive tolerances of ± 1,5 g / m2.

- Flexible and pliable.


- Anti-tamper label (leaves residue when removed)

- VOID labels for packaging sealing

Legal aspects:

- Anti-tampering safety in medical products subject to medical prescription (Reg. 2016/161 / EU).

- Approved ISEGA for direct contact with blood bags.

- All substances comply with recommendations BfR XIV and FDA 21 CFR 175.105.

- None of its components contain APEOs.