Printed Labels

Printing labels

- We print labels up to 12 colors, with or without adhesive, for all markets / sectors of activity.

- With the possibility of printing on the adhesive / adhesive of your label, as in many formats such as the Multi-label, among them the Booklet, Dry-peel and Piggyback.

- Specific labels may also include printing. Among them are RFID, Synthetic, Reusable or Cover-up.

- The security labels are usually hidden but we also have the possibility to print on this type of label.

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Design and design of labels

The design of your etiquette and marketing strategies go hand in hand. That's why we have a team of graphic designers who will embrace your project and develop the ideal label, able to stand out with its great visual attractiveness.

Make Etiprint an ally for your company and together we will leave a good impression.