Multi-Label are labels composed of more than one layer and are ideal for providing a lot of information in a limited space, tracking the use of products or communicating temporary information.
In the following sections we show you examples of multi-label labels with which we work.

Print on tail / bumper sticker

Printing on the sticker itself is an economical, environmentally friendly and effective solution for products whose packaging is translucent and allows the user to see through the packaging the remaining contents of the label.
Despite the many applications, it is most commonly used in beverages and detergents, where the product is also translucent.

Booklet labels

Booklet labels, as its name suggests, are a self-adhesive book-shaped label. It can contain multiple pages (double-sided) on a single label and are ideal for entering a large amount of information in a limited space. This type of label is present in all types of products and is used to contain the same information in various languages and / or products that have extensive instructions for use and relevant legal information.

Piggyback stickers

A Piggiback (''às cavalitas'') é uma etiqueta de dupla camada, ou seja, uma etiqueta colada na superfície da outra. A inferior está colada diretamente no produto e toda ou parte da camada superior é removível. Essas etiquetas são frequentemente usadas para rastreamento , usadas geralmente na industria farmacêutica, informando se o produto já foi utilizado caso não tenha a camada superior, podendo também ser usadas para cupões promocionais.

Duo and trio labels

The Duo and Trio labels are identical to the Booklet with the difference of the limited number of printing up to 3 and 5 pages respectively. Like Booklet the duo / trio label serves to show additional information on products with limited space, and can open and close the label as often as possible and similarly present in all types of products and used to contain the same information in several languages and / or products that have extensive instructions for use and relevant legal information.

Dry-peel stickers

The Dry Peel label is composed of a removable top layer and a transparent top layer that is glued to the product. The top layer, from the moment it is removed, the glue dissipates, and can not be glued back, leaving the transparent layer glued to the product.
This may have several applications, but is commonly used in promotional campaigns and product / consumer product discounts or to add more information in a limited space.

Sticker coupon

Coupon labels are extremely thin labels and are designed to be easily removed by the user, displaying information printed on the front and optionally on the sticker. The surface layer upon removal of the product leaves a thin portion bonded to the product, removing only that portion of the label with the relevant information.
These types of labels are generally used in promotional coupons (discounts, promotional campaigns, price reductions), distinguishing themselves from Dry Peel labels by being able to glue and take off several times.