The pharmaceutical industry represents more than 20% of sales in Europe. It is an industry in constant development and one of the ones with the most growth potential.

That is why, with the increase in imports and exports, countries have a need to define issues related to the information to be contained in products, the languages ​​in which they must be translated and what security measures must be taken into account in the sector.

Labels for the pharmaceutical industry are essential to ensure safety throughout the consumer chain as health is at the center of attention.

The personalized labels for this sector do not only inform about the characteristics of the product and ways of handling it, they follow strict rules from conception to its placement - they represent a security system, prevent counterfeiting and allow a quick tracking of the medicine.

It is essential that these tags and labels follow a set of determinant and rigorous aspects:

  1. Inclusion of the legally required information - description of the product, its detailed composition and any warnings;
  2. Non-toxic and certified materials (Paints and Papers);
  3. Security and anti-counterfeiting lacquers;
  4. Good reading of information - the minimum required by law;
  5. Durability and resistance to moisture (if applicable);
  6. High capacity for fixing / adhering to glass, plastic and paper packaging.

Every day new innovative techniques appear on the market and Etiprint follows the challenges of the sector through a commitment to credibility. Adhesive labels and labels for the pharmaceutical industry are indispensable solutions to protect the heritage of any pharmaceutical company.

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