CL-S700R / CL-S703R

Internal Peel & Rewind

The CL-S700R and CL-S703R (300dpi) are part of our CL-S700 series with the added internal peeler and rewinder.The CL-S700 Series are designed for ease of use; the metal mechanism opens vertically to a full 90° to allow for easy ribbon access, while integrated ribbon control and positioning support precision printing on even small or specialist media.

The CL-S700R Series also come with the option to print in both direct thermal and thermal transfer modes.

Thermal Transfer Printing and Direct Thermal
Front Loading & Internal Peel Rewinder
Printing width ( max) : 4.10 " ( 104.1 mm )
Thermal Transfer Ribbon IN or OUT up to 450mt

CLS 700R:

- 203 dpi
- Print Speed ( Max.): 10 " per second ( 254mm / s )

CLS 7003R:

- 300 dpi
- Print Speed ( max) : 8 " per second ( 200mm / s )
- Internal rewinder and peeler
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This printer is suitable for

Front exit - prevents damage from moisture or foreign objects
Variable paper width - 1 inch (25.4 mm) – 4.6 inches (118.1 mm)
Durable design - Citizen's proven Hi-Lift™ all-metal mechanism
Paper thickness up to 0.250mm
Ultra fast print out - up to 250mm per second (10 inches per second)
Backlight LCD control panel for easy configuration
Very large media capacity - holds rolls up to 8 inches (200 mm)
Wide range of ribbon options - Uses up to 450 metres inside and outside wound ribbons
Front Loading Rewinder for easy rewinding of the backing paper when printing in "peel mode" or when printing batches of labels.
Hi-Open™ case for vertical opening, no increase in footprint and safe closing.
Low space requirement - integrated power supply enables clean work station
No more unreadable labels - the ARCP™ ribbon control technology assures clear prints.

Triple interface USB and serial built-in plus interface card slot for optional card from list below.