How the pandemic came to influence product choice based on the label

Discover the factors that will influence the consumer when choosing your product

Are you aware that consumer preferences have changed with the global pandemic?

People began to give priority to new features in terms of choosing their products, which led to a consequent change in their consumption habits and new weighting factors when choosing.

From the growth of health concerns to the transparency of labels and the information contained there, there have been several changes that have been felt in several markets, especially in the food sector.

At Etiprint we know the factors that matter when choosing a product and how you can proceed to gain your trust through the label.


In a nutshell, we now explain 4 factors that are considered essential when choosing the phase in which we live and why, supported by a recent study carried out by a world leader in the manufacture of self-adhesive paper.

  1. Health

With the proliferation of the covid-19 virus, people became more careful with their health and more aware of the new care they had to adapt to. 57% of consumers felt the need to improve their general well-being, looking for brands that fully promote these solutions. If your product offers any benefit that stimulates people's well-being, now is the time to promote it. Choose to highlight this on your highlighted label with eye-catching colors that attract a potential customer!

  1. Ingredients and product's origin

Prior to Covid, 30% of consumers said that ingredients had an impact on their purchasing decisions, the trend has been extraordinarily increasing since then. The nutritional declarations of food products or drugs have also become guidelines that influence the choice of consumers and, surprisingly, the place of origin of the same has come to play a central role, consumers now support more strongly national and local businesses and products . Make sure to mention on the label the place of origin of your product and / or ingredients, Portuguese products are recognized as being of high quality, whether by the Portuguese or international market.

  1. Transparency

Regarding the brand or its products, the tendency to bet on transparent labels has increased due to the feeling of trust they create in the consumer at the time of purchase. This feeling is associated with the fact that through transparency they can see what is inside the product and, therefore, know its content. Think about whether it makes sense to bet on a transparent label for your product so that you can visually check the quality of the product.

  1. Security

Security tags play an equally important role in ensuring that the respective order has not been handled or opened until it reaches its destination, making it a priority for consumers. This trend was worsened by the proliferation of online shopping. Make sure that your customer receives your product under the conditions you sent it with a simple security tag.

People are buying things they normally wouldn't buy, either because the products are packaged more securely and securely, or because of their visual appearance. More than ever, labels are essential to distinguish your product visually and encourage consumers to buy!

Etiprint knows all the secrets that lead customers to choose their product. Contact us now for a personalized consultation and find out how we can help.

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