Biodegradable labels

Find out how Etiprint can help you overcome sustainability challenges.

Find out how Etiprint can help you overcome sustainability challenges.


Today there is an ecological awareness that cuts across virtually all business sectors. From the food and beverage industry, through logistics and public sector organizations, companies want to respond positively to sustainability challenges and follow the guidelines of European environmental standards that are increasingly restricted.

Recycling is part of our lives and companies are also more environmentally conscious. That is why at Etiprint we have a range of biodegradable and compostable labels that are ecofriendly and produced from renewable materials. Our sustainable integrated solutions combine the label front and adhesive with a reduced impact on the planet.

Why should you use Biodegradable Labels?

Packaging recycling is one of the biggest challenges for companies and businesses. Since labels appear in a wide range of products, from food to pharmaceutical packaging, the label industry has historically been challenged to find sustainable solutions.

Biodegradable and compostable packaging allows for drastic reductions in waste going to landfills or incineration, increasing brand recognition as entities that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Biodegradable packaging can thus be sent directly to municipal recycling facilities and companies can fully address the challenge of recycling by using Etiprint's biodegradable and compostable labels.

At Etiprint we are committed to providing solutions environmentally friendly labels, maintaining the functional properties required, for example by the adverse conditions to which they will be exposed, and even certified to be in direct contact with food, without compromising the visual aspect of them.

For more information contact us and find out how we can improve the future of the planet, which belongs to everyone, with sustainable labels.