3 news about the new recycling icons: discover them now!

Find out all about the new recycling icons and their goals

"Should I separate the label before placing the bottle in the ecopoint?" or “What should I do with the lid?”. Are these issues familiar? The truth is that recycling will no longer be a concern! 🧐

Sociedade Ponto Verde (SPV) launched new recycling icons in a partnership with the Ponto Verde LAB project, which will integrate the product packaging. The main objective of this change is to help the consumer to understand the procedures for separating materials and to introduce improvements in the different phases of waste separation (collection, sorting and recycling).

But after all, what has changed? Join Etiprint and discover the 3 main new features of the new recycling icons:

1. Packaging component

With a new essential indication, these icons bring information about the different product packaging designations. Some practical examples may be the nomenclature of "bottle" or "package", which allows us to identify the type of packaging we are faced with.

2. Packing material

This information allows us to distinguish between the different materials that are part of the product. From plastic to cardboard, some packages have more than one material in their composition. In addition to improving the understanding of the manufacture of the product, it also facilitates the decision process when recycling each component in the correct ecopoint.

3. Tips and rules

Of great relevance, this element consists of small necessary instructions that we must carry out before placing the packaging in the respective container. Indications such as "separate", "spread" or "empty", encourage good recycling practices and are crucial considering that, according to a survey carried out by Marktest, "9 out of 10 Portuguese people already choose recycling".

All of this new information added to the recycling icons is intended to help the consumer and reduce barriers to the practice of recycling. As Sociedade Ponto Verde says, “when the packaging sends the message, everyone wins!”. Thus, it is hoped to achieve better collection, better sorting and better recycling! ♻️

At Etiprint, we are always aware of all the latest indications so that you can give a sustainable life to all types of products in any sector and make your business an ally of the environment, giving your products greater credibility!

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