Security Labels

These labels are designed to provide a guarantee of protection against the handling of the packaging and contents. In the following section, we list some of the security tags that we work with most.

VOID label

VOID labels are used to reveal if a product has been tampered with by the user. The label when applied and when it is removed, a VOID message (customizable) appears on the label sticker and its initial appearance is never recovered. This label is ideal for situations / products that certify that they have not been handled / used and applied to all types of products.

Holographic safety labels

Holographic labels, like VOID labels, demonstrate whether the product has been handled. A hologram (three-dimensional image) is incorporated in the label, which prevents falsification and certifies the genuineness and prestige of the product where it is applied. This technology is typically used in credit cards, tickets and certificates.

Alarm / anti-theft tags

We have alarm and anti-theft labels for each type of Antenna, which can be by Radio Frequency or Acoustic-Magnetic that communicates with the antenna sensor. Safety labels are intended for the prevention and protection against theft.

Sensitive water labels

There are labels that detect moisture, being in contact with the water triggers a chemical reaction that changes the color of the label. These are generally applied to electronic components to protect manufacturers from a possible breach of their product's warranty by users.